Academic EViews 11 Standalone Edition for Windows

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  • Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Interface
  • Powerful Analytic Tools
  • Sophisticated Data Management
  • Presentation Quality Output
  • Traditional Command Line and Programming Interface
  • Allows connectivity to 3rd party data vendors, such as IHS, Bloomberg, EIA, Moody's, Datastream, Factset and more
  • Connect to your in-house databases with ODBC connectivity and EDX extensions

 Reasons to Buy

  • Quickly analyze time series, cross-section, and longitudinal data
  • Perform statistical/econometric analysis
  • Generate forecasts and model simulations
  • Produce presentation-quality graphs and tables

 Important: Your academic institution must have a current EViews Volume License to purchase a Standalone License. You must provide proof of current affiliation with an academic institution with a current EViews Volume License. Please e-mail sales@eviews.com to to verify the status of your academic institution.

  • You must use an academic email address to order.
  • You will be emailed instructions to download and install EViews within one business day of your order.

Tax is in included on all web store orders in the United States and Canada, without exception. If you are tax exempt in the United States or Canada, please email to sales@eviews.com. Do not order from the web store.